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All inbound corn is rigorously tested for aflatoxin and segregated according to aflatoxin levels, test weight, and moisture.  Only the highest-quality corn is sacked.  As corn is put into climate-controlled storage, it is sprayed and closely monitored for insects.  The cleaning operation consists of two S. Howes cleaners with aspirators, each with capacities of 4,000 bags per hour under a 28,000 square foot warehouse.

To insure Premium Deer Corn quality, all product is sprayed and aflatoxin levels are checked prior to bagging.  In addition to Nine Point bags, custom bagged corn and bulk cleaned corn is also available.  Percy, an avid deer hunter himself, takes pride in having the cleanest, lowest level aflatoxin corn that is healthy for wildlife and flows freely through a hunter's feeder.

corn bags

Sacks are laminated polywoven product inset to insure strength and sturdiness.  Nine Point's PREMIUM DEER CORN is now being distributed over a large area of Texas.  We believe that quality control, service, and dependability has been the key to our PREMIUM DEER CORN success.

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