Coastal Warehouse Company History

Coastal Warehouse was founded in 1957 by R.B. Hand and Marvin Henry.  It served grain producers with a 250,000 BU capacity storage and drying facility.  Jay Anderson purchased the elevator in 1975, added capacity and made other major improvements.  Ten years later a group of agriculture businessmen and producers purchased the Wharton facility.  Since that time Coastal Warehouse has acquired Hungerford Grain, Nine Point Grain, TWI, Mackay, and Cordele Grain, all of which provide a cumulative, total capacity of 5.4 million BU.

Coastal Warehouse now serves Wharton, Matagorda, Jackson, Fort Bend, Austin, Brazoria, Calhoun, Victoria, and Colorado counties through three divisions:  Wharton, Hungerford Grain, and Nine Point.  These divisions provide producers with risk management, merchandising, and storage needs.

In 2010, the company saw a need for a deer corn operation and decided the Nine Point division was the place to start.  The business has grown rapidly, primarily by providing premium product, great service.  To Insure Premium Deer Corn quality, all products are sprayed, and aflatoxin levels are checked prior to bagging.  We believe that quality, service, and dependability is the key to our sucess.

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